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Auditing Apps and Change Record Management for Healthcare Processes!


Healthcare providers are under increasing pressures to improve the quality of patient care, while still lowering costs, managing patient records, and complying with regulations and legislation. With so many pressures to contend with, healthcare organizations are turning to Intellect software to help streamline processes and improve healthcare provisions.

Healthcare companies leverage PaaS to streamline processes, meet and maintain HIPAA compliance, FDA regulations, streamline lab results, reduce costs, and improve patient care. With Intellect, healthcare professionals can create, run and manage an entire business process platform without any coding knowledge. We provide easy to use software so you can spend more time with patients, and focus on the job at hand. With our easy drag and drop software you can:
  • Manage healthcare contracts to ensure projects are moving smoothly and on time.
  • Create custom reports to streamline patient record and lab result processing.
  • Ensure FDA and HIPAA compliance records are up-to-date and maintained.
  • Integrate with Intellect’s Smart Mobile Apps to manage and review documents on the go.

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The Intellect Platform

The Intellect platform is an award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Turn to Intellect to ensure your healthcare organization is managed efficiently and successfully.

Fast ROI

Our software requires no previous programming or coding knowledge. Intellect software allows you to build and deploy Smart Enterprise Apps in no time, meaning you can get to work streamlining processes and improving healthcare provision.

Built For Mobile

Healthcare organizations are going mobile, and you need a solution built for a modern mobile world. Intellect allows you to build once and deploy across your company including our native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

Modern healthcare providers use apps connected to the cloud, to get real-time updates and insights into their data. That's exactly what you get with Intellect, the world's leading provider of Cloud business management.

Speed up your processes

  • Customizable Dashboards - Create unlimited apps to provide relevant insight for your healthcare institution
  • Smart Forms - Easily create smart forms for web and mobile, to streamline insurance claims processing and medical billing
  • Interactive Workflow – track documents and get actions assigned and approved in minutes
  • Integrate with other Apps - Intellect allows you to bring in external data sources, so you have access to all the information you need within our platform
  • Mobile Apps Accessible on iOS and Android Devices - Give access to your team on any mobile device
  • Design Reports that Matter - Build custom reports to make smarter and faster decisions relating to patient care




Increase Productivity

  • Design custom, dynamic reports to gain real-time insights
  • Discover and rectify process issues, and inefficiencies within your healthcare administration network
  • Collaborate with employees, contractors and partners to ensure healthcare documentation is processed quickly and efficiently
  • Approve completed assignments anytime, on any device