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A Fully Customizable QMS Software
Solution for Laboratories

Implement a robust quality management system at your lab and deliver accurate, reliable, and timely test results at scale with Intellect (a laboratory QMS that you can set up, customize, and update without any IT support).


Quality Management for Laboratories — Simplified

Bring all the critical pieces of your laboratory's quality mix like documentation, quality control procedures, record keeping, training, and more together in a living, breathing quality management system that you can easily customize and extend with custom apps (without writing any code!).

Intellect empowers you to standardize work that guarantees quality so you can build a culture of quality at your laboratory.



A Laboratory QMS Software Designed To Help You Achieve
Regulatory Compliance and World-Class Quality


Create Custom Pre-Examination, Examination, and Post-Examination Workflows

At the heart of quality management for labs lies the concept of "path of workflow." Labs often design unique workflows for each of their tests. With Intellect, you can build a fully customized path of workflow for each of your tests mapping all of its pre-test, test, and post-test processes. Making changes to them and tracking the changes, too, are effortless.


Manage Quality By Factoring in All the 12 Quality System Essentials

With Intellect, you can address each of the twelve quality system essentials that CSIL identifies for achieving all-round quality at laboratories: Organization and Leadership, Customer Focus, Facilities and Safety Management, Personnel Management, Supplier and Inventory Management, Equipment Management, Process Management, Documents and Records Management, Information Management, Nonconforming, Event Management, Assessments, and Continual Improvement.


Get (and Maintain) Accreditation With Ease

Accreditation is proof that your laboratory uses reliable testing data, has a competent staff, uses trusted and approved testing methodologies, maintains quality testing equipment, and a safe testing environment, earning you the trust of your patients. With Intellect, you can offer the quality that gets you accredited and maintain your accreditation too.