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Health & Safety



Intellect EHS


Intellect’s Environmental health and safety (EHS) software acts as a data management system for capturing, storing, and analyzing information related to occupational health and safety, waste management, and sustainability. It aims at reducing operational risk and improving health while attaining sustainability goals.

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Who can Benefit from Intellect’s EHS?

EHS software is mainly used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance. EHS software is used throughout highly regulated industries in which compliance standards are high, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, or mining.


Intellect’s EHS Software helps your organization to:

Minimize Risk

Identify Hazards

Capture & Modify Unsafe Behavior

Track & Eliminate Incidents

Audit Safety Standards

Greater User Engagement

Bring Speed & Efficiency to Safety Processes

Data Transparency & Access

Prevent Non-Compliance Fines

Boost Employee Morale




Less Human Error

A lot of the work done by health and safety professionals is around reducing human error. Intellect’s EHS helps you reduce human error in your company by delegating responsibilities to a digital assistance.


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Easier Legal compliance

Legal compliance can be challenging to achieve but in health and safety, it is very important and can be costly if not done effectively. Intellect’s EHS software system will help you digitize the process allowing for documents and data to be retired remotely and instantaneously, making legal compliance easier.

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Easier Reporting

A lot of the day-to-day work for health and safety professionals is around the reporting of incidents and risks in the workplace. Intellect’s EHS software helps you streamline this process by automating certain aspects of the report and allowing for them to be filled quicker.

Aspects & Impacts

Better Productivity & Time Saving

Intellect’s EHS software will help take care of everyday’s tasks and report filling which will give health and safety professionals more time to focus on the activities that they really feel are going to drive change in the business from an EHS perspective.

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Key Features


Incident Management

An incident management enables you to report incidents and near-misses instantly and remotely, align teams to act on key-indicators, analyze root-cause and take corrective and preventive measures based on actionable insights.


Performance Indicators

It provides reporting of key performance indicators through which you can estimate and measure your organization’s safety performance.


Notifications & Alerts

Custom alerts and priority wise alerts set within the system can allow the users to prioritize and ensure compliance as per the situation.

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Real Time Data & Reporting

Customizable dashboard that suits all needs. The dashboards can provide real time data on performance for accurate insights at all times.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Intellect’s EHS Software can be easily accessed. If you cannot reach you device for any reason, you can access it through your mobile, tablet, and other internet enabled device.

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Intellect’s EHS software can work as an individual solution or combined with quality management (QMS) software. EHS software often integrate with ERP systems and QMS.

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