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Why Digitize NonConformances (NCRs) Now?


Managing Deviations Digitally Is Vital for Your Success  

A nonconformance is any deviation from standard policies or procedures that was not anticipated.  The business value of tracking and managing NCRs digitally is to reduce the risk of recurrence of nonconformances and reduce the chance of quality problems that can result in customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and fees, lost profits, and low employee morale. 

A digital NCR solution ensures that your onsite and remote workforce is working with up-to-date quality data and make smarter decisions.  A robust and flexible digital solution will help reduce NCRs, meet compliance requirements, deliver on continuous improvement, and build safer and better products and services for your customers.  


Intellect's NCR App Speeds up Resolutions and Lowers New Incidents 

Automate Your Entire Nonconformance Process

Manual systems leveraging excel or other homegrown solutions are inefficient, prone to human errors, and may delay the resolution to an incident.  Intellect’s nonconformance app automates and streamlines the entire process, from data collection, follow-up, escalation, and resolution of nonconformance issues.  Users know what to do and when, and can review tasks or complete approvals on any device, at any time.  At the same time, discover bottlenecks, send automated email notifications and reminders that drive accountability and task completion.

Organizations with mature Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and unique process requirements will benefit from Intellect extreme configurability capabilities. 

Intellect offers peace of mind when facing new business requirements resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic today or any business or regulatory change in the future.



Streamline Every Step and Resolve Incidents Quickly

Managing nonconformance with manual processes and paper can be time consuming, disconnected, and costly. Intellect nonconformance makes it easy to create a custom form, automate all steps and tasks, and keep the entire process digital.

The Intellect solution tracks and streamlines every step, and empowers users in the field to complete a task or provide approval using a native mobile application with offline capabilities. Intellect nonconformance helps to route information to the right person in real-time and shorten the cycle time for resolving an incident.

The Intellect Nonconformance Analytics console provides insights into open and closed nonconformances by year, product type, and escalations to nonconformances and corrective actions.



Accelerate Compliance for FDA Regulations and ISO Standards

Managing nonconformance is an integral part of an organization’s continual improvement plan, and helps to ensure compliance with FDA regulations, ISO Quality Standards, or global GxP regulatory compliance requirements.

Intellect QMS 4.0 puts the user in control and empowers their productivity by providing the freedom to modify any app, including NCRs.  Meet your unique business requirements without burdening IT.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by accelerating compliance today and being empowered to modify business processes in the future.