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Our Story


Our vision is to empower any person

in any company to continually improve,

automate and grow their business


We are a technology company on a mission to offer a user-friendly, no-code development platform with industry solutions that provide businesses the power to grow and establish a culture of innovation, quality, and compliance.


At Intellect, we believe in empowering people to innovate with our technology. This is why we take the word configurability so seriously. By delivering extreme configurability, our software enables customers and partners to achieve compliance, continuous improvement, and better results.


Intellect QMS 4 is a highly configurable, comprehensive, and integrated suite of QMS applications with native mobile application capabilities.  Our robust out-of-the-box apps are built on Intellect's award-winning No-Code Platform.  Your software should work around your business processes instead of the other way around.  You can even build new business apps to automate virtually any business process.  Intellect can help you improve operations and meet any FDA regulation, ISO standard, or global GxP requirement.


Our Values

Collaboration and Teamwork

Be helpful, build trust and transparency, communicate openly, provide constructive feedback, and be respectful

Customer Success

Innovate, be process driven and customer focused


Take initiative, fail forward, learn and drive decisions with data

Have Fun

Celebrate, appreciate and create the environment we want


We Like To Have It

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