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For QMS – What Really Matters?

Many companies are evaluating Quality Management Software (QMS) Solutions to replace manual processes they have had in place for many years.  This evaluation process can take many turns and it can be difficult to discern one product from another product.

As team members go down this evaluation path, one choice becomes apparent – Should I choose a cloud solution or an on-premise solution.  There is no “right” answer to this question.   Every company is different and will have different needs.

As companies consider a cloud or on-premise solution there are many areas that should be considered.  One item that is a “must have” is the ability to switch from a cloud to an on-premise solution seamlessly.   Here are two items that must be available from any provider you will choose.

  1. Offering Both Cloud and On-Premise: Does the potential vendor have both an cloud and on-premise solution? This is critical.  Even though your company might want a on-premises solution today, what will happen if the company changes direction and requires all software be in the cloud in the future?  If you choose a company with only an on-premise solution, then you will have to change software solutions when the company takes a new direction.  This will require more work down the road and will eliminate all the efficiencies you thought you purchased initially. If a software provider offers both a cloud and on-premise option, how easy is it to switch from one to the other?
  2. Same User Interface: Do the cloud and on-premise solutions have the same user interface? Even if you switch from cloud to on-premise (or vice versa), will your solution be identical in either environment?  If not, you will need to retrain your users on using a new system.  Many QMS software companies started with an on-premise solution and then chose to either purchase a cloud solution to fulfill their customers cloud needs or to build a new cloud solution that is different from their original solution.  These companies are selling two unique products.   If customers switch from one product to another, these companies will need to configure the new solution to their unique needs, migrate data, learn the new system and retrain their teams.

Organizations that are looking to automate their Quality processes, achieve compliance and increase productivity, should also consider the flexibility of moving from cloud to on-premise and from on-premise to cloud.  If you are looking for a QMS solution, then you should follow the guidelines above to ensure you have the most flexible solution available for your needs today and in the future.

Peter Cutler

Written by Peter Cutler