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5 min read

Quality for ERP

A new generation of cloud ERP software is bringing the benefits of on-demand financials, inventory, logistics, and...

3 min read

Intellect on AWS GovCloud

As the world transitions toward agile, decentralized cloud computing, numerous US federal agencies have aligned around...

2 min read

Quality Management Software: Cloud or On-Premises

Many companies are evaluating Quality Management Software (QMS) Solutions to replace manual processes they have had in...

3 min read

Top Preferences Clients Look for in Workflow Management PAAS

In talking to many customers that are researching a business process management or workflow management solution, I’ve...

3 min read

Workflow Management Solutions: Off-the-Shelf Vs. Custom Development

Many business are considering a workflow management system for their internal processes. The paperwork and emails are...

2 min read


The Employee Setup application is a modern enterprise app that makes it easy to onboard new employees by automating...

2 min read

So Long Mobile Websites, Say Hello to More Mobile Apps.

Tablets and smartphones make our lives easier. They are compact and allow more flexibility in the business world,...

2 min read

SMBs Welcome Smart IT Solutions

According to a recent Gartner report the SMB market keeps expanding resulting in new opportunities for innovative IT...

1 min read

Interneer 1st Annual Partner Conference: Development Presentation

Interneer Development Presentation

David Mines, Chief Architect, and Selim Ozyel, Software Manager, provided an...