Digital Transformation, Fast ROI, and Increased Profitability

  • HR and Employee Manage

    HR Onboarding and Employee Lifecycle Management

    Over 200,000 job applicants automated and HR processes for over 40,000 employees managed annually.

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  • Fortune 500 Company

    CapEx and Contract Management For Major Hotel Renovations

    $700M annually on renovations and construction projects for Marriott Hotels, W Hotels and other major brands.

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  • Configurable QMS Solution

    QMS Solution and Learning Management System for Food Testing Labs

    Overhauled internal audit tracking, enabled CAPA, and includes over 16,000 nonconformance forms.

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Trusted By Customers To Manage Mission Critical Processes

At Intellect, our #1 priority is customer success. We’re not just a software company, Intellect is your partner for success.

Intellect BPM Platform Satisfied Customers

Customer Success Stories

  • Intellect's configuration tools allowed us to deploy a web-based solution which was tailored to meet the variation in requirements across our business units. So far, it has more than met our expectations, especially in the ease with which the users have been able to learn the new system - our training time was considerably shorter than we had anticipated. I attribute this largely to the ease of navigation that Intellect can provide to the end user.

    Director of Enterprise Systems, Circle K

  • The solution has exceeded our integration goals. Without a doubt, any public sector regulatory/permitting agency could benefit from this product.

    Development Assistance Manager, County of Humboldt

  • Intellect has been a tremendous partner in this undertaking, continuously driving forward the power and capabilities of its platform and showing a genuine interest in our application and its development.

    Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

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Latest Updates



    Intellect, a leader in Enterprise SaaS software providing Business Process Management (BPM) and Quality Management System (QMS) solutions, today announced Intellect QMS, a comprehensive product suite consisting of nine highly flexible and configurable QMS applications leveraging Intellect's award winning BPM platform and industry best practices in quality, compliance and risk management.



    A core feature of Business Process Management is Workflow Automation. This feature enables companies to describe their business process in a block diagram view, defining the flows, the roles, the activities, and business rules. And once defined, the Business Process Management (BPM) Platform can automate and execute this workflow, notifying users when they are required to complete a task, providing them the information they need in context to complete the work, reminding them if they are late and keeping them up to date on the overall process status.



    After the advent of electronic record keeping and digitized business processes, the natural evolution for companies was to support electronic signatures. The technological requirements to support this feature have been around for some time but the laws and regulations had to catch up.

A Few Words from Us

Intellect is a leader in Enterprise SaaS software providing Business Process Management (BPM) and Quality Management System (QMS) solutions to enable your digital transformation. We empower everyone to innovate by offering a powerful No-Code Platform that offers speed and flexibility. Intellect business apps can be deployed as web and native mobile apps, with offline capabilities, on any iOS and Android device, and include advanced workflow capabilities.

Intellect’s award winning Intellect BPM platform enables non-programmers to build, modify, and manage a wide variety of business apps with custom forms, data, workflow, reporting, and integration capabilities. Intellect offers a user friendly drag-and-drop interface that requires no programming or software coding, enabling organizations to quickly improve business automation, operational productivity, employee efficiency, compliance, and self-service.

Intellect QMS is a comprehensive product suite consisting of nine highly flexible and configurable QMS applications leveraging Intellect BPM and industry best practices in quality, governance, risk, and compliance. Intellect QMS providers a powerful system to effectively manage and approve quality, compliance, governance, and risk, and enables organizations to easily modify applications to address new regulations as well as unique business process requirements within their own organization.

Intellect business apps can be deployed as a native mobile app in minutes on any iOS and Android device. Native mobile apps are critical for organizations that require secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps that function even when internet connectivity is lost.

Hundreds of customers trust Intellect to digitize their business, automate business processes, optimize operations, and enhance revenue generation.

Learn how to embark on digital transformation at your organization

The easiest and most powerful platform for transforming your process and quality applications.  With Intellect, you can build, modify, and manage business and QMS applications that easily adapt to your unique business requirements.

  • INFO-TECH BPM Report

    INFO-TECH BPM Report

    Read this complimentary report to understand why Intellect was selected as a "Leader" and "Best Overall Value" in the BPM Industry.

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  • Intellect Mobile Apps

    Intellect Mobile Apps

    Build once and deploy your application to the web or as a native iOS and Android app with offline capabilities for when you lose connectivity and need to capture data.

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  • Empower Business Execs

    Intellect QMS Lite Trial

    Learn how easy it is to manage document control, CAPA, nonconformance, and complaint management with Intellect.  Get started for free.  Instant Access.

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