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10 Questions to ask when choosing a platform to build business apps

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10 Questions to ask when choosing a platform to build business apps

Posted by Chris Fisher January 28, 2020

Businesses today have to have apps. For everything. Mobile apps, business apps for workflow and documents, contract management, HR, expense management or just business processes in general. Sure, everybody is used to paper-based processes, but at one point, you had to go from snail-mail to email. And from a landline to a mobile phone. And from a mobile phone to a smart phone. And… well you get the idea. You gotta keep abreast of technology.

Most mid-market businesses are using multiple software solutions to remedy and streamline many processes. But, where many businesses get tripped up is with workflow management. There’s nobody at your company that is really designated with getting off paper, or making workflow more efficient. So, many just hold off and wait. Much like waiting to buy that smart phone, kinda hoping this whole tech. trend will go away. Fear not, technology and its minions will continue on without you! Here’s some questions to ask your business and a company/platform to manage your processes, documents, and workflows:

Ask yourself or colleagues:

  • What is our timeframe to launch?
  • What systems do we need to integrate with?
  • Do we have a plan for internal adoption?
  • For what departments will we use this for?
  • How many users will need a license?

Ask the product vendor:

  • Can I build/configure/make changes myself?
  • Can your product deploy to mobile?
  • Who trains me to use your product?
  • Do I need programmers for your product?
  • How many users/customers do you have?

With these 10 simple questions to ask your business and your potential partner, you can get a good idea what it is you need exactly, and what is possible. Just like your smart phone has many apps you find useful, you’ll find the same availability with workflow management software. There’s a business app for just about any process in under your roof that can be built by your staff, or farmed out to be built by experts like the Professional Services team at Intellect. The better idea you have for what you want, the quicker the process will be. Most companies that decide on a workflow management platform to build business apps will take 3 months on average to select the proper vendor. So, take your time to insure that you get the best product for your needs. In the end, it’s like replacing that old flip phone you had in the 90’s. Things keep getting better in the technology world, and business apps have revolutionized the way that business is being done. If you’d like to learn more and create a Proof of Concept app with Intellect, click here for a free demo