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Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and leading sales organizations to increase revenues. He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and has trained thousands of salesmen in the process. He began his career with a boutique venture capital firm that took several companies public including Genius Products (GPNI) and Free Realtime (FRTI). He’s been an executive for multiple companies in the technology sector, where he more than doubled revenues. Chris has authored the book “21st. Century Sales: Fast Forward” that spent 8 weeks on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in 2009. Most recently at Ultrapoint, Inc., Chris consulted with many companies to improve their sales and marketing methods. His method has been able to improve revenues by at least 80%. He holds US Patent # 5954387 and has a Master’s Degree from Indiana University.
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Workflow Management Solutions: Off-the-Shelf Vs. Custom Development

Many business are considering a workflow management system for their internal processes. The paperwork and emails are...

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What is the Cost Savings After Implementing a Workflow Management Platform?

Because so many businesses are still using paper, faxes, emails, etc. to communicate internally, most departments just...

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Compliance software is now a must have

Most mid-size and larger companies have already implemented compliance software, but it’s not uncommon for others to...

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10 Questions to ask when choosing a platform to build business apps

Businesses today have to have apps. For everything. Mobile apps, business apps for workflow and documents, contract...