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3 min read

4 Steps to Achieve Workflow Compliance


All companies, regardless of industry, are responsible for ensuring that their policies and processes are...

3 min read

Managed Workflow Equals Quality

Managing workflow in any business or industry can be like trying to tame an octopus with its many tentacles,...

3 min read

How an Effective Workflow Helps You Improve Your Business


Among the factors that affect how quickly a business will grow; one of the most important ones is undoubtedly...

3 min read

3 Strategies That will Reduce the Fear of Workflow Automation

In my previous post, “Workflow Automation Can Be Scary!”, I outlined how workflow automation can be scary to many...

3 min read

Build Your Own Apps (BYOA)

The time has finally come where developers are not needed to allow businesses to create apps to streamline their...

2 min read

10 Questions to ask when choosing a platform to build business apps

Businesses today have to have apps. For everything. Mobile apps, business apps for workflow and documents, contract...

2 min read

Configurathon for building business apps with no programming

Everyone seems to be talking about hackathon competitions these days and the programmers who huddle together in teams...