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Why It's Crucial that Your Business Go Paperless

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Why It's Crucial that Your Business Go Paperless

Posted by Chris Fisher November 13, 2018

Over the past few years, businesses around the world, regardless of scope and industry, have made the move to paperless, which includes documents such as contracts and invoices as well as automated business processes required for digital transactions, approvals, and eSignatures. While no business may be 100% paperless, there are many advantages to making the transition. Of course, if your business has been using and relying on hard copies of documents for several years, a change in practice will take time. To convince you of its importance, here is a look at why it is crucial that your business go paperless:

  • Focus on the Essential Tasks: Did you know that a room full of documents, complete with images, in high-resolution color, could be stored on one hard drive? For a business, this means going paperless can result in savings on storage costs as well as reduced hassle for dealing with mountains upon mountains of documents. In addition, it is frustrating to look for a single document and have to sift through dozens of files. If you move to a digital database, this will hardly take a couple of seconds. To put this simply, you can focus on the essential tasks and do away with the menial stuff by going paperless.
  • Keep Your Documents Secure: Creating a backup for documents stored digitally is convenient and hassle-free. In addition, the documents you stored online are synced on the cloud. In case of a disaster, natural or otherwise, you will still be able to access your documents, as and when required. This ensures greater security for your documents.
  • Boost Your Business’ Velocity: In today’s fast-paced business environment, you have to keep pace with the competition to not just survive, but also thrive. Going paperless and automating business processes is an effective way to boost your business’ velocity. You can speed up internal processes, improve your compliance for any audit or regulation, and streamline your dealings with your clients. Servicing clients quicker will result in more sales and repeat business.

In addition to these benefits, which affect the bottom-line, a move away from paper will benefit your business’ reputation as well. Existing and potential customers will view your business as responsible, as reducing dependence on paper means fewer trees have to be cut down, hence benefiting the environment.

So, as you can see, going paperless is the way to go, if you want to take your business to the next level. If you’d like to learn more and create a Proof of Concept app with Intellect, click here for a free trial. http://www.intellect.com/free-trial