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3 min read

How an Effective Workflow Helps You Improve Your Business


Among the factors that affect how quickly a business will grow; one of the most important ones is undoubtedly...

3 min read

Managed Workflow Equals Quality

Managing workflow in any business or industry can be like trying to tame an octopus with its many tentacles,...

3 min read

3 Strategies That will Reduce the Fear of Workflow Automation

In my previous post, “Workflow Automation Can Be Scary!”, I outlined how workflow automation can be scary to many...

3 min read

Workflow Management Solutions: Off-the-Shelf Vs. Custom Development

Many business are considering a workflow management system for their internal processes. The paperwork and emails are...

3 min read

Workflow Automation Can be Scary!

Many companies are using business process management platforms to automate internal workflows that streamline their...

4 min read

What is the Cost Savings After Implementing a Workflow Management Platform?

Because so many businesses are still using paper, faxes, emails, etc. to communicate internally, most departments just...

3 min read

Discover the Benefits of Interneer’s Training Webinars

Interneer offers free training webinars run by Erika Keresztyen Fahey who is a Senior Business Process Analyst and...

1 min read

Sharepoint and BPM

I'm often asked how is Sharepoint different than a BPM Platform?  If a company already is invested in it, can they use...

1 min read

Social BPM Part 2

On behalf of Yegin Genc:

In an earlier post, we discussed how social networks and BPM had some fundamental differences...