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5 min read

Customer Service Oriented & Very Responsive: Intellect as Perceived by Customers

 "What I like the most about Intellect is their customer service skills. From the get go, they have been very approach...

7 min read

Intellect | Blog Post | Everyone Being Aligned on Quality

A good business leader strives to run an organization in which everyone shares a common vision, understands the role...

5 min read

Intellect | Blog Post | Quality Culture and Profitability

We’ve written a lot recently about the importance of a culture of quality, including how to promote a healthy...

4 min read

Intellect | Blog | Feedback Management Software Benefits

Organizations always strive for customer satisfaction, because this latter turns respectively into customer loyalty,...

5 min read

The True Value of Healthy Quality Culture: How it can help Streamline Everyday Operations

Quality managers are well aware of the fact that QMS programs generate value for the organizations in which they are...