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Organizations always strive for customer satisfaction, because this latter turns respectively into customer loyalty, repeat purchase and business recommendation. This is the natural cycle of customer’s database expansion and business growth. Measuring customer satisfaction is not easy; it requires getting feedback from customers by setting variables, distributing surveys, calling customers and much more. It also evolves gathering data thru the different used tools and analyzing them. feedback management system came to automate this process, centralize data, and generate results to be effective recommendations to top management. Thus, promoting a culture of quality and improving effectiveness.

What is a Feedback Management Software?

A feedback Management System is a portal that is designed to collect, distribute, and analyze feedback data so it can be turned into strategical decisions for future developments. Whether a product business or a service one, everybody needs feedback. Feedback is not only limited to customers, but also includes employees and stakeholders. A positive or a negative feedback helps businesses understand and evaluate their performance and quality of offerings to strategize the steps necessary to be taken to improve.

Feedback Management System Software allows businesses to collect feedback data from thousands of people, not just one or two. Which can take like forever to be accomplished if done manually. This is the reason why feedback management systems are the perfect solution that help you measure your customers satisfaction levels and enhance to meet their expectations, and stand out among competition.

Benefits of Using a Feedback Management System

Getting feedback means collecting data and when it comes to data, you need a capable feedback management software that can collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The data collected through feedback surveys are very important to organizations as it can be used to gauge customer insights, enhance marketing, sales, and more. Here are some of the measurable benefits of using feedback management software.

1- Measure satisfaction:

Customers, employees, and stakeholder’s satisfaction plays a crucial role in boosting businesses’ profits. Worth noting that financial performance is related to other important business’ aspects like increase market share, higher return on investment and lower costs. Therefore, making sure to register positive satisfaction on your offerings should be one of your business goals.

2- Value opinions:

Letting customers, employees and stakeholders know that you care, have a positive psychological effect on their behavior. When asking for feedback, you are telling them in an indirect way that their opinions matter and that you promise to do your best to meet the expectations. Listening to their voice creates a strong bond between them and your business. In fact, by asking for their opinion you put them in a central position seeking unconscious loyalty from them.

3- Improve performance:

Customers, employees, and stakeholders’ feedbacks give businesses’ insights and values for their performance. Especially that feedbacks are most of the times objective and offer a clear expectation of performance. It helps in boosting the confidence of the team to perform even better by focusing on areas that need improvement and by aligning the business objectives.

4- Create the best experience:

Customers and employees’ experiences play a major role in shaping business strategies. Customer feedbacks help you focus on the critical areas of the business like after sales, customer service, product quality and more. This can be evaluated through questions like what is/are the most thing you like about our product/ service and what should be improved.

5- Enhance retention:

When customers or employees are satisfied, chances are more that they will leave with the company. When you have reliable data to work on your weaknesses, you ought to enhance overall customer satisfaction resulting in make it a practice to regularly ask for opinions and feedbacks so that you can always stay on the pulse of dissatisfied customers or employees to find a precise solution to their issues. This is a perfect movement to win the loyalty of every dissatisfied person associated with our business.

6- Better business decisions:

By collecting feedback data, businesses can set realistic business strategies based on figures and analytics for the future. Undoubtedly, feedback is the prime tangible data that can be used effectively to make efficient business decisions. Insights and forecasts that will be gathered thru feedback surveys or other feedback methods are indeed the right investment that helps organizations make better decisions.


Customers, employees, and partners are engaged in daily activities aimed at improving the quality at all levels. As opposed to traditional customer satisfaction surveys, the Feedback Management Software make the daily monitoring and steering simple, automate and accurate. If you feel like interested in investing in a Feedback Management Software and want to know more about its features, contact Intellect’s experts.

Ryhana Fadous

Written by Ryhana Fadous