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Paul Dionne

Paul Dionne

4 min read

How QMS & EHS Improve Organizational Sustainability?

The movement toward sustainability has gained considerable traction over the past few years, – and for good reason....

5 min read

Why is EHS Important for the Oil & Gas Industry?

The Oil & Gas Industry has, for decades, strived to secure an environment where innovation and technology are possible,...

4 min read

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Supplier Management Software

Every good organization strives to deliver goods and services that meet or exceed their customers’ expectations....

3 min read

The Top 3 Risks of Choosing the Wrong QMS

Quality management is about more than just having the right processes and policies in place. It’s also about giving...

7 min read

The Value of Reporting & Transparency

We all know that quality is important, but quality initiatives sometimes carry less weight for others in your...

6 min read

The 5 Most Common Problems with Your CAPA Process

A well-defined corrective and preventive action (CAPA) process is intended to identify problems, understand root...

3 min read

Intellect | Blog | QMS Investments | Culture of Quality

For most people, organizational culture is a somewhat ethereal topic. Everyone knows that it’s important, – but it can...

3 min read

Intellect | Blog | Balance Between Quality and Quantity

We often hear people talking about the trade-off between quality and quantity. I remember having this conversation with...

4 min read

Intellect | Blog | Technology Impact on Quality Culture?

We are living in a world that is connected through technology. If we lose this connection, we tend to lose a lot,...