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Why are Custom Project Process Management Solutions Important for the Aerospace Industry?

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Why are Custom Project Process Management Solutions Important for the Aerospace Industry?

Posted by Romeo Elias June 14, 2016

On behalf of Matthew Steffen

Some people may wonder why Interneer chose to develop project management templates specifically tailored for the Aerospace Industry. The answer lies both in the importance of project management in the Aerospace Industry and the background of one of Interneer’s co-founders, Jaime Sipila.

The Aerospace Industry is extremely project-intensive; companies spend years on long-term contracts or development projects when introducing a new aircraft or aviation equipment. Because of this, aerospace projects typically have large budgets and extremely complex associated business processes. Therefore, executing all projects as efficiently as possible is crucial. An industry-specific project process management system ensures that projects are carried out in the most cost-effective manner possible.

In addition, Jaime Sipila, Chief Strategy Officer of Interneer, has a strong educational background and prior professional experience in the Aerospace Industry. Jaime worked on engineering projects for companies including Boeing, JPL, Hughes and NASA. The creation of an extremely powerful and flexible web-based software solution especially relevant to the Aerospace Industry was the result of his combined passion for software engineering and the Aerospace Industry.

Interneer Intellect, which is primarily a platform for building custom business applications, is enhanced for the simple creation of custom project process management systems for the Aerospace Industry. Aerospace business professionals are empowered to define custom applications reflecting their unique business processes. This is because Interneer Intellect is available with templates and functionalities specifically relevant to the Aerospace Industry

For more information on Interneer’s Aerospace industry project process management configuration.