Interneer 1st Annual Partner Conference: Cloud Computing Presentation

Posted by Romeo Elias on Tue, Oct 02, 2012 @ 08:00 PM

Cloud Computing - The Beginning of the Demand Supply IT Era

Sina Moatamed, Principal Consultant for Unified Clouds, talked about Cloud Computing creating significant changes in organizational behavior. According to Sina, business units, not IT, are increasingly in charge of the narrative of how Enterprises will innovate and IT must adjust accordingly. His talk was a review on how to manage that change.

Mr. Moatamed discussed the changes Cloud Computing has created after being introduced into a Traditional IT environment. The change almost immediately created a decentralized IT organization for those engagements.  IT Departments need to offer additional value for business units when they deliver cloud solutions in order for them to return to being a trusted and preferred partner to engage in cloud solutions.

Sina further explained how financial operations for IT will have to migrate to a different cost model to make the value match with the service a public cloud requires or keep the service internal.  Most importantly they will have to provide business units a common financial model for all services that would attract them to the new change.

Mr. Moatamed concluded his presentation by mentioning where these changes are taking the IT industry:  Planning will be replaced by Brokering Cloud services, build will be replaced by Integration of Cloud services into the company’s business system portfolio and run will be replaced by Orchestration of services to manage continuity of delivery.

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