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    3 min read

    Intellect Receives Majority Investment from Strattam Capital

    Leading Provider of No-Code Compliance Management Software Expands to Meet Growing Customer Demand

    Los Angeles, CA,...

    2 min read

    Digitize QMS With No Code Software

    Since the dawn of the industrial age, companies of all sizes have struggled to have a quality management system and...

    4 min read

    How to Set SMART Goals and Objectives in Quality Management Systems?

    Goals and objectives setting is crucial for organizations. Improvements in companies wouldn’t be possible if these...

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    3 min read

    How to Empower Your Employees with the Right Quality Strategy

    Success is not only about numbers and results, but employees are also the key, and keeping them happy and comfortable...

    3 min read

    How To Create a Quality Management Plan

    Quality management is one of the most important aspects of any business. Ensuring that your products and services meet...

    4 min read

    Intellect EHSQ Labor Shortage Mitigation

    Whenever we talk to business leaders these days, we keep hearing a common theme: they simply can’t hire and retain...

    3 min read

    What is an ISO 13485 Compliance QMS?

    If you operate a business in the medical devices industry, then you’re probably familiar with ISO 13485. That’s the...

    3 min read

    Verdantix Highlights Intellect, Citing No-Code Capabilities

    Intellect scores high among EHS software vendors, due in part to extreme configurability

    In November, leading analyst...

    4 min read

    What Causes a Bad ISO 9001 Implementation?

    To achieve ISO 9001 certification success, avoid these common pitfalls

    The path to a successful ISO 9001 implementation...

    4 min read

    5 Things a Buyer of EHSQ Software Must Know

    Selecting software for your business can feel like a risky undertaking. You’ll be investing your time, energy, and your...

    4 min read

    5 Important Reasons to Use EHSQ Software

    As organizations grow, they often outgrow their existing business processes. To address new risks, greater complexity,...

    4 min read

    Why Electronics Manufacturers Need to Focus on Quality Manufacturing

    No matter the industry you’re in, quality is important. For electronics manufacturers, quality has a powerful impact on...