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A Fully Customizable QMS Software Solution
for the Cosmetics Industry

Become your consumers' go-to brand for the highest-quality and safest personal care products with Intellect (a cosmetics QMS that you can set up, customize, and update without any IT support).


Quality Management for the Cosmetics Industry — Simplified

The cosmetics industry has a significant impact on both the consumers who use them and the planet.

That explains why regulators watch so closely.

If you look at FDA's GMP guidance, you'll realize how exhaustive the frameworks get here. This one particularly forces you to work on every aspect of your cosmetics business (Documentation; Records; Buildings & Facilities; Equipment; Personnel; Raw Materials, Water, Color Additives; Prohibited & Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients; Laboratory Controls; Internal Audit; and Complaints, Adverse Events, and Recalls) to ensure quality.

With Intellect, you can control quality on all these fronts and more!



A Cosmetics QMS Software Designed To Help You Achieve Regulatory Compliance and World-Class Quality


Ensure Quality Everywhere: Development, Production, Distribution

With Intellect, you can design custom quality programs for each stage of your cosmetics business right from the initial stages like raw material sourcing and screening and mixing and filling all the way to the appearance testing and the final shipping ones.


Bring All the Stakeholders to a Unified Platform

Ensure a streamlined production cycle by getting all your stakeholders (manufacturers, distributors, vendors/suppliers, packers, and others ) onboard on a single platform and keep your communications and documentation in one place.


Show Consumers You Know What's in Your Cosmetics

With a QMS solution like Intellect, you can ensure compliance with a host of initiatives like The Green Label initiative, FDA's Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP), the actual FDA certification, and others to show your consumers that your products are good both for them and the planet!