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Project IQ: A project management app to keep your projects on schedule, and with all documents and processes accessible and traceable


Manage projects of any size with task management software, customizable project workflows, automated reminders, and file sharing.

Know exactly where a project stands and who is currently working on a specific task within a project.  Fully audit history of anyone who was submitted, approved, rejected or requested additional information concerning any task.
Intellect’s Project IQ is designed to keep projects on schedule and on time. With this app, documents and processes are accessible and traceable, so you can focus on getting the job done. You will increase productivity through task management and customizable workflow. You will be in control of where the project stands and what specific tasks remain: uncovering bottlenecks. Project IQ apps allow for a full audit history, so you know who has submitted, approved, rejected or requested information concerning any task. With real-time status reports and cross-project visibility, you can finalize budgets and create task lists, with sub-task hierarchy and priorities.
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The Intellect Platform

An award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Turn to Intellect to ensure each project is a success. 

Fast ROI

With Intellect, you don't need any software or programming knowledge. Our user-friendly platform allows you build and deploy Smart Enterprise Apps in no time, so you can immediately reap the benefits for your business.

Built For Mobile

The world is going mobile, and your company needs a solution built for a modern mobile world. Intellect allows you to build once and deploy everywhere, including our native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

Get instant updates and real time information for your business via the Cloud. Intellect is the world's leading provider of cloud-business management, allowing you to access data wherever and whenever you like.

Why Project IQ by Intellect?

  • Create project task lists
  • Enable sub-task hierarchies
  • List task dependencies
  • Enable and change notifications and reminders
  • File attachments added to any task
  • Document enabled collaboration
  • Customizable fields and entries


Project Management App & Software for Project Tracking

Increase Productivity