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Intellect's Setup Application


Deploy Intellect QMS 4.0 upto 2x faster

Intellect’s Setup App is fully integrated with existing out-of-the-box quality applications and provides step-by-step guided instructions for system administrator(s) to setup necessary value(s)/item(s) in getting chosen Quality Application(s) up and running. The instructions automatically progresses as administrator take meaningful actions. The setup process ends when all mandatory value(s)/item(s) are set, and the respective Quality Applications(s) becomes accessible for use. The console landing page is dynamic and reports real time progress on App Setup status.


Get real time analysis to deploy Quality Apps with Intellect's Setup App

Improve Business Performance by Reporting on Meaningful Insights

The out-of-the-box Setup application has console to report meaningful insights. The console landing page is dynamic and reports real time status of Quality Applications which have competed setup OR in progress OR not setup.



Overcome Bottlenecks with Intellect's Setup App

Manual systems leveraging excel or other homegrown solutions are inefficient, prone to human errors, and may delay the resolution to an incident. Intellect’s nonconformance application automates and streamlines the entire process, from data collection, follow-up, escalation, and resolution of nonconformance issues.

Users know when and what to do and can review tasks or complete approvals on any device, at any time. At the same time system overcomes bottlenecks, send automated email notifications and reminders that drive accountability and task completion.