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Risk Management



Intellect Risk Management


Efficient and Compliant

Risk Management is an important approach to managing risks and to insuring successful quality management. Risk management software can help identify and assess risk, track and analyze recurring issues, and to manage and communicate resolutions. Intellect’s risk management software provides a central system for capturing, addressing, and communicating all risk related activities and documentation. Improve your product development, reduce product recalls, and consistently manage risk for compliance.




Leverage a Central System to Manage All Risk Related Activities and Documentation

Intellect Benefits

✓ Record and investigate risk manangement issues, incidents, and near-misses, and learn to prevent risk issues

✓ Track and communicate risk items in progress and define objectives in one central system

✓ Continuously improve with a risk reporting system and close out risk issues and record resolution details

✓ Generate custom risk reports to empower employees to make smarter and safer business decisions




Collect and manage risk using a standardized system that enforces organizational policies, risk tolerance thresholds, and automated notifications based on your unique requirements. Intellect’s workflow solution ensures that your system is designed to meet standards as well as your organizational requirements for review, execution, and approval of all risk related activities and documentation. As an integrated system, users can also access and leverage Intellect’s additional QMS applications, including nonconformance, CAPA, document control, change management, supplier management, etc.