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Intellect Mobile Apps



Empower Your Remote Workforce


Enabling Business Productivity From Anywhere

When working remotely or on the go, it is critical to have access to all your data and reports on any device.  With Intellect, you can keep working from anywhere.

Intellect offers native mobile app capabilities, which means that you don't need to stop working if you lose internet connectivity.  You can capture data and photos for an incident report.  Available for iOS and Android, Intellect apps allow users to streamline work on the go. 


Intellect offers a more flexible, configurable mobile experience


Custom Branded Mobile Apps

✓ Create a custom branded mobile experience

✓ Use your logo, colors and branding

✓Customers download your custom app from the App Store and Google Play Store

✓ Eliminate the need for customers to type in your company URL when using Intellect's standard mobile app



Enterprise Mobility

✓ Deploy any Intellect web app as a native mobile app

✓ Intellect's container app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store

✓ Users access Intellect mobile apps based on the permissions you set

✓ Simplify setup with SAML Support


Accelerate Innovation

✓ Empower your virtual workforce

✓ Capture data and photos, even if offline

✓ Get notifications or make approvals on the spot

✓ Access your business and quality data when you need it