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Intellect Dashboard Application


Efficient and Compliant

Intellect’s Dashboard is a One-stop-source which provides full traceability and track ability on records to report real time statues. Dashboard application is designed to provide various view depending on the user’s access level, location and department. Separate at-a-glance views are designed for senior level team members to review KPIs on relevant objectives or business process.  




Your One Stop Source For Records & Real Time Reporting

Intellect Benefits

🗸 Full traceability and track ability to report real-time metrics on all activities/records created in the software

🗸 Different views based on the user’s User group, location, department

🗸 Separate at-a-glance views for Executive members to review KPIs on relevant objectives or business process

🗸 Customizable reports that deliver relevant data to your users.

🗸 Detailed overview of all your quality apps in one place

🗸 Easily trigger quality process from Dashboard – seamless integration within apps