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Change Management




Why Digitize CHange Management Now?


Automate and improve productivity

Change Management Software is imperative for closed-loop quality and requires automation, version control, and workflows. Intellect QMS integrates with any enterprise system, so full transparency is included in the change management process. Included is the ability to manage changes to requirements across multiple sites, locations, and geographies. The submission of change requests and control plan revisions at any point in the production process, with all revisions tracked, ensures product quality, safety, and compliance.


Customize Your Document Control Management to Address Your Unique Requirements

Intellect Benefits

✓ New change effectiveness workflow allows you to determine if the change you made was effective, if not, you can revert back to your previous process.

✓ Improved notification system ready to engage and communicate with the whole team including stakeholders. 

✓ Run pilot studies 

✓ Improve transparency with automation, version control, and workflows in the change management process.
✓ Submit change requests and control plan revisions at any point in the production process and track all revisions
✓ Empower employees with access to change requests, process flow alterations and updated process and design changes
✓ Real-time notifications and validations for approvals, change executions and implementations



Regulated companies must maintain detailed documentation on all changes made in a change control system to assure compliance. However, configurable and automated change control systems can also greatly improve company productivity. Configure a change control system that manages document changes for your specific design specs, engineering requirements, and materials and automate task assignment, routing, scheduling, reminders, and escalation of tasks. Leverage native mobile apps that enable users to approve or participate in a change control process from anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Regulatory Changes

One thing is certain in today’s heavily regulated business environment and that is that change is constant. Organizations not only need to have a system that addresses operational changes, but they must have systems that can be easily modified to address new regulatory changes as well. Intellect QMS enables custom forms and workflows to be easily and quickly modified to adjust for new regulations or business needs.