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Management Review

Satisfies ISO 9001 Clause 9.3



Track and Automate Management Review Processes

What is
Management Review?

Management Review is a requirement from ISO 9001 Clause 9.3 that is intended to improve your business.

Auditors will look for evidence that this is being achieved, and Intellect's Management Review app does just that.


Management Review on Laptop Computer

Simplify Your Management Review Process:

  1. Track inputs (agenda, outline governing policies & objectives)
  2. Track outputs (minutes/actions)
  3. Schedule meetings with relevant delegates/department heads
  4. Monitor attendee confirmation and preparation
  5. Prepare for meetings with an executive dashboard and automated reminders
  6. Compare assigned action items to completed tasks
  7. Create reports with the click of a button
Management Review on Mobile Device

More than Just an ISO Requirement

Management Review is more than just an ISO requirement: it gauges the overall effectiveness of your Continuous Improvement efforts and helps identify negative trends before they spin out of control.

Whether or not you certify to one of the 45 ISO standards that require the Management Review process to be established, Management Review keeps your business moving forward.

And now, you can automate it.

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