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Intellect Data IQ™



Data Visualization at Your Fingertips

What is
Intellect Data IQ™?

Data IQ™ is a flexible, easy-to-use reporting tool available to all Intellect users for visualizing data and key KPIs.

With Intellect Data IQ™, anyone can create ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

No special design access or configuration expertise needed. Data IQempowers all users to access data from all permissioned Intellect applications.


Stay In Control

View out-of-specs and variations almost immediately and use Root Cause Analysis to quickly determine what might be causing them.

Control Charts to set your own control limits and allow non-conformance data to be calculated by your choice of statistical functions.

          ↣ X Bar R charts
          ↣ Pareto charts
          ↣ Histograms, and more!

Data IQ screenshot  - Intellect Software

Get At-a-glance access to what matters most

View the status of your training records, updates on document change records, outstanding tasks, or whatever you wish to report on.

See, understand, and act on the key KPIs most important to your role.