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Intellect EHS

Aspects & Impacts

analyze the work activities
and how it interacts with the environment.


Ensure transparency of environmental risks
and hazards.

Intellect’s Aspects & Impacts application enables organizations to establish a formal process to control, assess and track operation activities interacting with the environment. The established workflow helps to automate and streamline the assessment and track additional controls for organizations looking to reduce their overall risk level.

Aspects & Impacts 3

Plan, assess, track, and manage environmental risks.


Intellect EHS Benefits

✓ Helps organizations improve their environ
mental performance through efficient user
of resources and managing environmental
✓ Minimize environmental impacts resulting
from the operation.
✓ Increase awareness for all around environmental aspects and impacts.
✓ Enable user friendly application for both
desktop and mobile access.

Aspects & Impacts 2


Aspects & Impacts involves many parties of the organization, R&D, production, procurement, EH&S, and facilities.

Intellect’s Aspects & Impacts application provides a complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution to plan, assess, track, and manage environmental risks. The solution tracks each workflow activity and streamlines every steps.

Aspects & Impacts


Most organizations don’t know the environmental impacts of their operation. Many companies rely on government agencies to establish regulations for their processes. However, it is the organization’s responsibility to assess, understand, and control the environment aspects and impacts of their operation. Intellect’s Aspects & Impacts
application automates the entire process.

Aspects & Impacts 3