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How PLM Can Reduce the Cost of Quality and Operations

March 30, 2023 at 11am PST

PLM is relied upon by hardware organizations to centralize product data and improve engineering efficiency. But these platforms have a much greater worth. When used correctly, they can help reduce the cost of rework, ensure quality products are built profitably as well as to streamline operations. 

For this 30 minute fireside conversation Duro Founder and CEO Michael Corr will be joined by Intellect’s CMO and VP of Business Development, Peter Hargittay. Michael will share tips for getting the greatest value from a PLM platform. The session will cover:  

  • Why quality requirements must be factored early into product development
  • The cost of rework and what happens when mistakes are made in the design stages
  • How PLM can prevent mistakes and enhance product profitability
  • Tips for setting up processes and workflows to ensure operational agility
Michael Corr, CEO of Duro

team-michael corr

Michael is an engineering manager with over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing various hardware products. He has brought a range of products to market including drones, IoT devices, wearables, telecom equipment, and cleantech products. Prior to founding Duro in 2017, Michael spent a significant amount of time managing production both in the US and overseas. He has incorporated his learnings on Design For Manufacturability best practices into Duro PLM. 


Peter Hargittay, CMO and VP of Business Development

Peter Hargittay Pic-1-Jan-20-2022-07-24-03-77-PMAt Intellect, marketing is all about driving engagement with our customers and partners, and helping them learn how Intellect can help to transform their organizations.  As CMO and VP of Business Development, I lead Intellect’s marketing efforts across all functional areas – digital marketing, demand generation, brand strategy, communications, and partners.  I’m passionate about building a marketing organization and business that delivers the best possible experience to our customers.  Before Intellect, I worked at Arise Virtual Solutions, Aegis Communications, PeopleSupport, Exult, Intersil, and FileNet.  Outside the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 boys, coaching soccer and being outdoors. 


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