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A Fully Customizable QMS Software Solution
for Government Bodies

Run successful government programs with confidence with Intellect (a QMS for governments and government service providers that you can set up, customize, and update
without any IT support).


Quality Management for the Government Industry — Simplified

Government bodies work on some of the most complex and long-term programs involving huge budgets and human capital.

With a quality management system in place, a government body can improve its success rate significantly. From preparing a government body to overcome high-level challenges of delivering a project to offering tools of daily work (like SOPs, work instructions, guidelines formats, reports, charts, plans, charters, and everything in between), a QMS solution works hard with the governments for ensuring consistent, successful, and quality deliveries.

Check out our Intellect QMS can help you run your government department at the highest efficiency and success rates.



A QMS Software for Government Bodies Designed For Achieving Regulatory Compliance and World-Class Quality



Deliver Like a Private Player

Getting certified forces you to develop and document robust systems for training, knowledge sharing, controlling fraud and corruption, handling change management, collecting feedback and complaints, and taking corrective action, thus empowering your government body to deliver performance that's at par with private players.


Serve With Excellence at Any Scale

With Intellect, you can serve quality work at every scale: national, federal, state, and local. So it doesn't matter if you're with the national energy department or fulfilling a local construction contract, you can use Intellect to design custom quality systems that will scale with you.


Build a Culture of Quality in Your Department

Whether you're targeting the ISO 9001 standard that most government bodies go for or building a custom one for your specific requirements modeled on the many different quality standards out there, Intellect can power it. And because it's so easy-to-use, your employees adopt it happily. The results? Quality becomes the norm!