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A Fully Customizable QMS Software Solution for the Cannabis Industry

Seal the quality of your cannabis products right from cultivation to your consumers' hands while staying on the right side of compliance with Intellect (a cannabis industry QMS that you can set up, customize, and update
without any IT support).


Quality Management for the Cannabis Industry — Simplified

A growing consumer base, ever-evolving legalities and regulations, and the lack of formalized, standardized quality standards make quality management even more challenging for the cannabis industry.

The growing market needs you to maintain a good supply chain that's optimized from seed to sale to ensure that you always have quality products in stock. The rapidly changing legal and regulatory scenarios need you to stay on top of all the developments at all times. And the lack of formalized standards needs you to be able to draw upon quality frameworks from industries like pharmaceuticals and food and beverage to ship quality stuff.

With a quality management solution, you can bring all these together and work on each aspect ensuring a flourishing, profitable business that produces quality and safe cannabis products while staying compliant. Schedule a demo to see how Intellect can help.



A Cannabis QMS Software Designed To Help You Achieve Regulatory Compliance and World-Class Quality


Ensure Quality from Seed to Sale

With Intellect, you can design and implement business processes that ensure quality at every stage of your cannabis business from production and distribution to retail sales, audits, and compliance, getting you seamlessly from seed to sale but with the highest quality standards.


Engage Each Stakeholder

With Intellect, you can improve the experience of every single stakeholder in your cannabis business: Regulators love that your audit files are ready with all the other review material. Employees find training and implementing their learnings easy with SOPs, process documents, schedules, checklists, and simple workflows. Partners enjoy collaborating as work moves forward smoothly. And consumers enjoy the premium quality you ship and also trust you when they see those certifications. Everyone wins!


Set Your Quality Standards (and Hit Them)

You can easily adapt Intellect to reach whatever quality standards you set for your cannabis business. It doesn't matter whether you're looking at pharmaceutical-grade quality standards or just keeping things high-quality, Intellect can help you get there.