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Intellect Training

Experience hands on personal training &

software demonstration


Design Training

This live instructor led training course will empower designers to become familiar with the navigation and configuration elements of the Intellect Platform, preparing you for the proper configuration of your quality or business apps.

The Following Intellect Concepts Will Be Covered: 

✓ How to properly utilize the Intellect Compliance Platform to design simple to highly complex mission critical Smart Enterprise Apps with integrated workflows without the need for programming
✓ How to configure forms, lists, reports and query wizards that will make up your Smart Enterprise Apps
✓ How to configure and integrate workflow and macros into your Smart Enterprise Apps
✓ How to configure groups, roles and users with secure access control and dashboards
✓ How to quickly modify forms and reports with selective filtering, sorting and grouping
✓ How to implement advanced reporting features

QMS App Training

This training course will empower power users to become familiar with the navigation and configuration elements of the Intellect QMS Apps.

QMS App Training Includes The Following Apps

Document Control 

✓ Organize all documents into a centralized database with approval workflows and audit trails
✓ Customize your document controls and workflows to address your unique quality process requirements
✓ Automate the routing, delivery, escalation, revision control, and approval of documents stored in a secure document repository to ensure quality and compliance


Employee Training

✓ Leverage a single interface to develop and manage employee training initiatives
✓ Track and maintain a complete inventory of employee education levels, job descriptions, qualifications, and certification records
✓ Maximize the effectiveness of developing employee skills internally, assign tasks based on skill level, and send auto reminders for new skill requirement


✓ Create, track and maintain accurate, auditable conformance records
✓ Ensure compliance with all management records
✓ Assign follow-up tasks for corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) to employees in nonconformance

Complaint Management

✓ Track the intake of customer complaints through investigations, CAPAs, and effectiveness checks to minimize the risk of product and regulatory issues
✓ Centralize record incidents, facilitate investigations, report results, and close cases
✓ Communicate with customers to acknowledge, track, and implement any requirements to improve product quality, reduce product recalls, and ensures compliance

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs)

✓ Increase CAPA process efficiency, including documentation, approvals, and signatures to decrease cycle time and operation costs
✓ Reduce audit time and findings, improve product quality, ensure safety, reduce product recalls, and enable FDA, ISO and other compliance requirements
✓ Customizable analytics and reporting to understand trends and solve problems, improve processes, and implement new preventative measures


✓ Real-time metrics to analyze your business performance
✓ Customizable reports that deliver relevant data to your users
✓ Detailed overview of all your quality apps in one place



Want to Earn RU Credits?

Intellect offers Recertification Units (RUs) for ASQ recertification. 




The course covers the eQMS suite of apps. Each of these apps can be tied to the ASQ body of knowledge on Quality that includes but is not limited to:   

App  Quality Concepts
BPM Platform (general)  Teams, Process Mapping, Flow charting, Data collection and analysis tools  
Document Control  Documentation. PDCA, DMAIC 
Training Management  Documentation, PDCA, DMAIC, Culture of Quality 
Complaint Management  Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, PDCA, DMAIC 
Nonconformance Management  Customer Satisfaction, Critical Incident, 5 Whys. Continuous Improvement.  
CAPA Management  Cause and effect: Ishikawa Diagram, Root cause analysis
Feedback Management  PDCA, DMAIC, Continuous Improvement 
Calibration and Maintenance Management  Data collection and analysis tools, Continuous Improvement 
Audit Management  Supplier Quality, Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement, PDCA, DMAIC 
Supplier Management  Supplier Quality, Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement 
Dashboard  Metrics, SMART, Leadership, PDCA, DMAIC, Data Collection and Analysis 



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