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Project IQ App

A project management app to keep your projects on schedule, and with all documents and processes accessible and traceable


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Manage Projects

Manage projects of any size with task management software, customizable project workflows, automated reminders, and file sharing. Know exactly where a project stands and who is currently working on a specific task within a project. Fully audit history of anyone who was submitted, approved, rejected or requested additional information concerning any task.

Keep Projects On Schedule & On Time

Easily Access Documents & Processes

Increase Productivity Through Task Management


You Are In Control

Be in control of where the project stands and what specific tasks remain: uncovering bottlenecks.



Always Be Updated

Project IQ apps allow for a full audit history, so you know who has submitted, approved, rejected or requested information concerning any task.



Own Your Reports

With real-time status reports and cross-project visibility, you can finalize budgets and create task lists, with sub-task hierarchy and priorities.