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eApproval App

Simplify your business approvals

Request, get, and track approvals quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of the Intellect eApproval App:

✓ For modern teams--large and small
✓ Free to use for as long as you want
✓ Improve your business' workflow'
✓ Increases productivity

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Contract IQ App

Contract processing made easy

With Contract IQ you can sign new contracts quicker than ever before, reducing the process from weeks to hours, using our executive dashboard. There are customizable approval standards, tracking capabilities, industry-leading security and automatic reminders of key expiration and renewal notifications. The real-time reporting will keep your team up to date with progress and on track to manage the contract process efficiently. You can eliminate bottlenecks and reduce risk with this centralized repository for all your contracts.

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Project IQ

Increased Project Focus & Traceability

Intellect’s Project IQ is designed to keep projects on schedule and on time. With this app, documents and processes are accessible and traceable, so you can focus on getting the job done. You will increase productivity through task management and customizable workflow. You will be in control of where the project stands and what specific tasks remain: uncovering bottlenecks. Project IQ apps allow for a full audit history, so you know who has submitted, approved, rejected or requested information concerning any task. With real-time status reports and cross-project visibility, you can finalize budgets and create task lists, with sub-task hierarchy and priorities.

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Expense IQ

Create, Manage, Review, and Approve Expenses

This is an easy-to-use expense management solution for your organization, gaining insight into your Travel and Entertainment. Merely by taking a picture of receipts you can upload them to expenses – meaning you can collect, review and approve expenses efficiently and effectively, automating certain tasks. The mobile app means you can approve expenses from anywhere and streamline workflow. The app allows you to monitor project costs and pull or push data to external sources. With this Expense IQ app you can enforce T&E policies, whilst optimizing spending.

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Onboard IQ

Increase your team's size with ease

Your HR team are skilled at bringing new team members on board. However, a lot of the processes to set up a new hire are still manual and prone to errors and missed deadlines. This can lead to operational inefficiencies and is a poor introduction to your company for new staff. Investing in a fully automated employee set up process allows you to ensure new hires have the tools to be productive instantly, and so reduce costs. Lessening the cost of turnover of staff is a major efficiency gain and studies have shown that implementing an automated employee setup process will reduce turnover by 75%. Onboard IQ ensures that over 30 tasks for your employees are completed before day one.

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