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Onboard IQ App




New employee onboarding app designed to help with your HR onboarding processes


Manage Onboarding

Connect your onboarding employees into your company's culture, their new work environment, and help them be productive from day one. Your HR team are skilled at bringing new team members on board. However, a lot of the processes to set up a new hire are still manual, prone to errors and missed deadlines. This can lead to operational inefficiencies and is a poor introduction to your company for new staff.

Ensure New Hires Have The Tools to Be Productive Instantly


Ensure That Over 30 Tasks For Your Employees Are Completed Before Day One


Reduce Cost of Turnover of Staff



Have Full Visibility

Gain visibility into expenses by employee, department, project or client.


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Reduce Time To Productivity

Automate the manual checklist HR managers use when a new hire comes onboard, ensuring nothing gets overlooked or delayed. As a result this increases the level of productivity and employee retention.



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Own Your HR Solution

Several HR solutions focus only on HR oriented tasks, such as employment agreements, I-9’s, and W-2’s. However, a lot of HR processes to setup a new hire are still manual today, and these are prone to errors and missed deadlines. This leads to operational inefficiencies and impacts employee productivity. From a new hire perspective, this results in a bad first impression, which in turn leads to a higher turnover.


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