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Expense IQ App




An easy-to-use expense management app solution for organizations of any size


Manage Expenses

This is an easy-to-use expense management solution for your organization, gaining insight into your Travel and Entertainment. Merely by taking a picture of receipts you can upload them to expenses – meaning you can collect, review and approve expenses efficiently and effectively, automating certain tasks.

Approve Expenses From Anywhere & Streamline Workflow


Monitor Project Costs & Pull or Push Data to External Sources


Enforce T&E Policies, Whilst Optimizing Spending



Have Full Visibility

Gain visibility into expenses by employee, department, project or client.


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Get compliance documents assigned and approved in minutes with interactive workflows



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Collect, review, and approve expenses is as easy as taking a picture of your receipts. Ensure policies are being met with all your expenses in a central location.


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