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Why Digitize Feedback Management Now?


Easily Measure, Monitor, and Address Feedback

Per ISO, the customer feedback process is a critical part of the quality management system and should therefore receive adequate attention during an audit. Feedback from the customer is one of the primary performance indicators that can be used to judge the overall effectiveness of the QMS.

Intellect’s Feedback application enables organizations to establish and maintain process to capture both positive and negative feedback(s) for a product, process and system. The application is designed to measure, monitor, and address feedback(s) in order to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.


Intellect's Feedback Management App

Improve Business Performance by Reporting on Meaningful Insights

The out-of-the-box Feedback application has console to report meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance. The console landing page is dynamic and reports real time count of feedback activities created, in progress and closed by the user. The Company metrics includes various charts to report total open and closed feedbacks by year and category.



Automate Your Feedback Management Processes

The process starts with capturing the positive or negative feedback. When a new record is created, Intellect automatically assigns a unique number for each Feedback record (SUG). The feedback submitter documents the suggestion and flags a respective category. The submitter also has access to calculate and rate the feedback to help prioritize and address before it routed for a review and approval.

Each feedback is reviewed by appropriate user(s) in the system, typically system administrator(s). The feedback reviewer then either approves or rejects the submitted feedback. If rejected it is sent back to the submitter to provide more information. Whereas, if it’s approved by all approvers then the feedback record is closed in the system and submitter is notified via email upon closure.


Overcome Bottlenecks with Intellect's Feedback Management App

Manual systems leveraging excel or other homegrown solutions are inefficient, prone to human errors, and may delay the resolution to an incident. Intellect’s Feedback application automates and streamlines the entire process, from data collection, follow-up, and addressing positive and negative feedbacks.

Users know when and what to do and can review tasks or complete approvals on any device, at any time. At the same time system overcomes bottlenecks, send automated email notifications and reminders that drive accountability and task completion.


Track and Streamline Every Step

Managing Feedback’s with manual processes and paper can be time consuming, disconnected, and costly. Intellect Feedback application makes it easy to create a custom form, automate all steps and tasks, and keep the entire process digital.

The solution tracks and streamlines every step and empowers users in the field to complete a task or provide approval using a native mobile application with offline capabilities. Intellect helps to route information to the right person in real-time and shorten the cycle time for resolving an incident.