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Document Search


Search the contents of any uploaded
Word, Excel, PPTX, or PDF document

Document Search is powerful search tool that allows you to search the contents of uploaded Word, Excel, PPTX, and PDF documents for one or more search terms.

✔ Easily find documents stored within Intellect based on keywords or text strings

✔ Locate documentation needed for audits

✔ Identify documents that might need updating based on date or topic

document-search Intellect software

With Intellect's Document Search, You Can:

  • • Use 'and' logic; requires both terms to be present in the same document
  • • Use 'or' logic; returns any appearance of either term
  • • Use exact phrase match
  • • Prioritize terms
  • • Exclude terms
  • • Create just about any kind of search to help you locate any document