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Intellect Incident Management


Fast and Easy

Intellect’s Incident Management Software is a tool designed to help automate and speed the incident management process. It is used to manage the actions of employees and stakeholders in a particular incident so that things return to normal as quick as possible. Intellect’s Incident management software can process tickets, escalate tickets to problems when necessary, and provide recommendations to IT managers when problems need solutions.

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Why Intellect’s Incident Management?

Incidents will always occur. Therefore, IT teams around the world need real-time collaborative incident management software. From end-to-end, incident management software allows your team to detect issues and quickly fix the problem. Instead of moving a ticket through a help desk queue, people can spend more time solving the issues.

Incident Management Benefits

An incident management system is a combination of equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications that work together in an emergency to react, understand, and respond.



The incident management software gives insights on how much time is needed to find a resolution for an incident, what the approximate time is to resolve an incident, and how to minimize the time taken to close the issue.


Shareholder and business stakeholders need information and documentary proofs to know how the incident management software aided in reducing restoring time and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Realistic Expectations

A ticketing system is a significant part to offer visibility and transparency. It is utilized to facilitate and encourage the interchange of communication between the IT and employees or clients who have experienced the problem. So, mainly it assists in managing realistic expectations by allowing users to check status and details of the ticket.


Intellect Incident Management Features


Notifications & Alerts

Intellect’s incident software will have notifications and alert features that ensure important updates are seen quickly by the right people, like supervisors or decision-makers. Notification systems can be used to manage incident details more effectively.


Digital Forms

Digital forms have many advantages, it allows for pictures and videos to be captured in real-time. Digital forms can also save time as they can be shared immediately. This data can be lost permanently when using a printed form, but it can be securely stored and backed up when entered digitally.


Workflow Automation

Incident management software can be used to automate workflows, and this ensures that the right information reaches the right person. In heavy industries like construction and mining, the response time saved with workflow automation is very valuable. Automation allows a quick and effective response.



Automatic reporting is an excellent feature in incident management software since raw data is converted into formatted documents in an instant. Organized and well-presented information allows better decisions than large volumes of unprocessed data.


Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility is another important feature for Intellect’s incident management software: anyone with a smartphone or tablet can be given access, allowing a better response.