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Customer Testimonial Videos

BeautyCounter: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what Prabhav Anand, Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement, & Rohana Lazo, Senior Quality Specialist, of BeautyCounter have to say about their experience with Intellect QMS. 

Global Power Technologies Group: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what John Silk, Director if Quality & Reliability of Global Power Technologies Groups has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS. 

TechData: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what Marcus Wheeler , Senior Manager of Training and Development at TechData has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS. 


Intellect eQMS Videos

Intellect QMS Document Control

Document control management software organizes all documents into a centralized database, and tracks all document versions, revisions, and approvals to address regulations and compliance. 

Intellect QMS Change Management

Change Management Software is imperative for closed-loop quality and requires automation, version control, and workflows. Intellect QMS integrates with any enterprise system, so full transparency is included in the change management process. 

Intellect QMS Risk Managment

Risk Management is an important approach to managing risks and to insuring successful quality management. Risk management software can help identify and assess risk, track and analyze recurring issues, and to manage and communicate resolutions.

Intellect QMS Audit Management

Intellect’s Audit Management system enables organizations to prepare for and enforce audit related tasks and activities, enabling them to comply with regulations and compliance requirements

Intellect QMS Supplier Management

Supplier Quality Management manages the process of qualifying, selecting, and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners. Intellect’s Supplier Quality Management software systems automate supplier management and compliance in regulated environments.

Intellect QMS Complaint Management

Intellect’s Customer Complaints Management Software applications are designed to automate and streamline customer complaints management to improve product quality and safety, lower audit time and product recalls, decrease risk, and ensure FDA and ISO compliance.

Intellect QMS Employee Training

Intellect Employee Training Management software keeps employee certifications and related skills up-to-date and available in one central location. As new employees enter the system, they can be assigned tasks based on skill level while integrating this information into other Intellect QMS software modules.

Intellect QMS Nonconformance

Intellect’s nonconformance application enables organizations to capture, track and maintain accurate, auditable nonconformance records through a centralized database. View any aspect of your workflow or drilldown reports for complete transparency and reporting.

Intellect QMS Corrective Action Preventive Action - CAPA

Intellect’s CAPA software system is highly configurable solution that can be easily adjusted to meet your specific process and automation needs.


Intellect Platform Videos

Intellect Workflows

Intellect offers fully customizable Business Applications to optimize business processes tuned to your business needs. Improve productivity with customizable forms, data, advanced workflow, reporting and integration capabilities.

Intellect Mobile Apps

Intellect empowers everyone to innovate by enabling non-programmers to create, launch, and manage an entire library of Smart Enterprise Apps.

Intellect App Creation

Need your own custom enterprise app? Build exactly what you need using Intellect’s awarding winning Intellect Platform.

Introduction to the Intellect Platform 

Intellect makes it easy to build business applications to meet your unique business needs faster with an industry leading no-code platform. Achieve operational efficiencies and excellence, make smarter business decisions, and deliver better performance.


Intellect Innovate Videos

Intellect Innovate 2018

Here is a short recap of our Intellect Innovate 2018 event, which took place on June 14, 2018 at the Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA.

Intellect Innovate 2017

Here is a short recap of our Intellect Innovate 2017 event, which took place in June 2017 at the Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA.

Intellect Innovate 2015

Here is a short recap of our Intellect Innovate 2015 event, which took place at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2015.