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Customer Testimonial Videos

Beautycounter: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what Prabhav Anand, Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement, & Rohana Lazo, Senior Quality Specialist, of Beautycounter have to say about their experience with Intellect QMS. 

CHE Behavioral Health Services: Intellect Testimonial Video

Hear what Andrew Rosenblatt, Chief Information Officer of CHE Behavioral Health Services has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS. 

Global Power Technologies Group: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what John Silk, Director of Quality & Reliability of Global Power Technologies Groups has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS. 

Tech Data: Q&A about Intellect QMS

Hear what Mike English, Director of Quality Operations at Tech Data has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS.

Tech Data: Intellect Customer Testimonial Video

Hear what Marcus Wheeler, Senior Manager of Training and Development at Tech Data has to say about his experience with Intellect QMS. 


Intellect QMS 4.0

Intellect QMS 4.0

Intellect QMS 4.0 is an integrated suite of quality management applications working seamlessly together. This video highlights the Complaint Management, Nonconformance and CAPA apps, as well as Intellect’s no-code platform.

Complaint Management

Intellect's Complaint Manangement software increases customer success, improves product quality and safety, reduces product recalls and ensures compliance.

Intellect QMS Nonconformance

A robust and flexible digital solution will help reduce NCRs, meet compliance requirements, deliver on continuous improvement, and build safer and better products and services for your customers.

Intellect QMS Document Control

Document control management software organizes all documents into a centralized database, and tracks all document versions, revisions, and approvals to address regulations and compliance. 

Intellect QMS Employee Training

Intellect Employee Training Management software keeps employee certifications and related skills up-to-date and available in one central location.

Introduction to the Intellect Platform 

Intellect makes it easy to build business applications to meet your unique business needs faster with an industry leading no-code platform. Achieve operational efficiencies and excellence, make smarter business decisions, and deliver better performance.

Intellect QMS CAPA

Corrective and Preventative Actions is at the heart of any quality program.  An efficient CAPA system reduces audit time, decreases risk of product recalls, improve product quality and safety, and helps to ensure compliance. 

Intellect Mobile Apps

Make working remote easier for your team by implementing Intellect's custom built mobile apps. Easily sign documents electronically, track and complete all your activites right from the palm of your hand, and review workflow processes with ease.

Intellect App Creation

Need your own custom enterprise app? Build exactly what you need using Intellect’s awarding winning Intellect Platform.

Intellect Workflows

Intellect offers fully customizable Business Applications to optimize business processes tuned to your business needs. Improve productivity with customizable forms, data, advanced workflow, reporting and integration capabilities.