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White Papers

Why You Can't Miss Out on Industry 4.0 and the New Quest for Quality

Powered by Internet of Things-reliant devices and web applications capable of processing unprecedented amounts of data, this is a revolution that will touch every industry and seismically shift the way we live, work, and interact with one another.



How Smart Quality Automation is Powering a New Generation of QMS Leaders

The business landscape is changing, and marketplaces across various industries are becoming more rigorous than ever.
From medical devices and pharmaceuticals to dietary supplements and wellness products, there’s a greater focus on quality management to ensure consumers are protected from unsafe products and practices.



Smart Enterprise Apps Empower Business Executives on the Go

Learn how Host Hotels & Resorts, a Fortune 500 company and the largest lodging Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and one of the largest owners of luxury and upper-upscale hotels, revolutionized its strategy for managing and approving capital expenditures and associated contracts across their entire portfolio of properties. With Smart Enterprise Apps built on the Intellect BPM Platform, Business Executives now have access and insight into the status of all projects, requests for improvements, and contracts, at anytime, anywhere.



Intellect Compliance Platform and Sharepoint: Choosing the Right Solution

Gain a high level comparison between Business Process Management (BPM) platforms and SharePoint to better establish the proper software fit for your enterprise. BPM solutions and SharePoint are often viewed as similar software solutions, but in turn they are both enterprise solutions with different capabilities, functionalities and core strengths. This white paper is intended to help you differentiate the two solutions and establish the best fit solution for your enterprise, whether it is a standalone BPM solution, SharePoint or layering combination of both solutions.



An Introduction to the Intellect Compliance Platform

This white paper provides an introductory view of the core concepts and functionalities of the Intellect Compliance Platform. You will gain a high-level understanding of Intellect’s capabilities and how the platform streamlines and optimizes business processes with business apps built using Smart Process Automation. It will also illustrate how solutions delivered on the Intellect Compliance Platform enables everyone to innovate and rapidly create, run and manage highly valuable web and mobile business apps.




Case Studies

Medical Device Manufacturer GILERO Continues Growth With New Configurable QMS Solution

GILERO was founded in 2002 to design and develop medical devices. Over the past five years, the North Carolina based company has expanded its offerings to include manufacturing services. It now has locations across the globe. GILERO built its quality system in 2011. At that point, its operations were paper-based, manual, and highly complex. As the company expanded to new locations, that complexity grew — as did the amount of time needed to manage it. GILERO’s new eQMS solution will ultimately increase the company’s efficiency and accessibility to information. 



How Smart Quality Automation Helped Infinite Electronics Scale It's Portfolio Size

As a global supplier of electronic components and cable assemblies, Infinite Electronics serves engineers in defense, government, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer electronics. In essence, anyone with a need tied to electrical connectivity is in the market for its products and superior technical support. Intellect’s basis in the cloud made it simple to incorporate into Infinite Electronics’ domestic operations. To support Paullin’s staff in China, Intellect set up a platform with a user interface for Mandarin speakers, allowing Infinite Electronics to streamline operations across the globe.



Unlocking Growth at a Nutraceutical Powerhouse

Since its 2014 debut, OLLY’s assortment of gummy vitamins, supplements, and healthy snacks have helped it become a respected name in the nutraceutical space. But in 2017, the company needed help. In Intellect, OLLY looked for a platform to help bring those processes into focus. Intellect then helped transition OLLY from an email-based system to a cloud based system with minimal disruption to its existing business. The transition took a lot of time and energy, but the benefits made it



Merieux NutriSciences Automates Complex Processes with Intellect

Mérieux NutriSciences is dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today's food safety, quality and nutrition challenges throughout the supply chain. The company was challenged with a paper-based document system. It prompted them to look for an off the shelf solution that helped them eliminate manual paper-based processes.



Birch Gold Group Utilizes Intellect to Manage Their CRM

Birch Gold Group, a precious metals business located in Sherman Oaks, California, was seeking an electronic solution to track and manage their Customer Relation Management (CRM) process. Intellect offered Birch Gold Group the flexibility, scalability, control, ease of use and ease of configuration critical to meeting their new business process needs.



Humboldt County Automated Their Project Management Processes with Intellect

The County of Humboldt Community Development Services Department was seeking a system to manage and track permit applications. The legacy systems had become very difficult to maintain and extend, resulting in costly time delays, errors, and frustrated customers. They sought a solution that was affordable, flexible and scalable across all divisions, to capture their unique process needs. Only Intellect offered the flexibility, control, ease of use and workflow capabilities critical to meet their unique requirements.



Northgate Markets Automates Their Approval Processes with Intellect

Northgate Markets was founded in 1980. The Anaheim, CA private family owned company operates 36 stores in California and employs more than 5,000 people. The biggest challenge for Northgate Markets was to find the right solution that would address their problems from a business point first and then include the technical component to keep their system transparent and easy to manage. Intellect was able to meet all the requirements Northgate Markets needed.





An Overview of the Intellect eQMS Suite

At Intellect, we’re fanatical about compliance! The Intellect eQMS Suite is a comprehensive, integrated and ready-to-go suite of quality management applications built on our Intellect Compliance Platform. Go beyond simply achieving compliance, deliver better business performance.



How Intellect Meets FDA Requirements

Download our brochure and learn how Intellect meets specific FDA Requirements. Intellect’s hyper-adaptive Quality Suite lets you leverage regulatory and standards compliance into improved business results.



How Intellect Meets ISO Requirements  

Download our brochure and learn how Intellect meets specific ISO Requirements. Intellect’s hyper-adaptive Quality Suite lets you leverage regulatory and standards compliance into improved business results.




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