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Welcome to Intellect Innovate On-Demand

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Welcome to Innovate 2020

Romeo Elias, President and CEO at Intellect 

James de Vera,  Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Intellect    

Peter Hargittay, CMO & VP of Business Development at Intellect 

Best Practices for Design and Form Building to Increase User Adoption 

Brad Serum, Art Director and Senior Designer of UI/UX 

Intellect Mobile Apps Today - Review Anywhere

Amber Coye and Paul Dionne, Solutions Engineers at Intellect  

Intellect Innovations  

Selim Ozyel, CTO at Intellect 


How to Build a Culture of Quality Company Wide and with Management.

Mike English, Senior Director of Quality Operations at Tech Data

Marcus Wheeler, Sr Manager of Training & Development at Tech Data

Intellect No-Code Compliance Platform Roadmap

Selim Ozyel, CTO at Intellect

The Art of Agility in the Dark Age of Disruption 

Trevor LormanPhD in Analytical Chemistry, Senior Director of Quality Assurance at Mérieux NutriSciences, one of the largest Food Testing Labs in the world 


Intellect QMS 4.0

Tejas Puranik, QMS 4.0 Product Manager at Intellect

Intellect QMS Roadmap

Tejas Puranik, QMS 4.0 Product Manager at Intellect

Make Your Operations Paperless, Errorless, and Transparent with Modern QMS

Kristen Orlando, Director of Quality Control at BP Aero, the world's most trusted service provider for aircraft engine disassembly, engine part overhaul and engine lease return

Harnessing Digital Transformation Across Departments

Harrison Lewis, Former CIO at Northgate Markets and Digital Transformation Advisor. 

The Value of Integrating QMS and ERP

Daniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy, Open Systems

Tejas Puranik, QMS 4.0 Product Manager at Intellect

Executive Panel Discussion & Intellect Awards


Industry Trends During COVID-19 and Beyond

Michele Hoppenrath, DBA in Quality Systems Management and President of Quality Systems Consultants

Tyler Williams, Chief Technical Officer at ASI Global Standards and CSQ Cannabis Safety & Quality