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Here's What Our Customers Think About Us

Intellect’s no-code platform enabled us to modify our business applications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic within days. Our ability to rapidly modify our core applications and mobile apps built on Intellect has been absolutely critical for our business continuity.

Andrew Rosenblatt

Chief Information Officer/ CHE Behavioral Health

Very collaborative software program that covers all areas of a Quality System that we currently use.

Scott Springer

VP of Operations / Vital Proteins

The software is easy to setup and create new modules if needed. Also very user friendly in finding documents. Overall experience with Intellect is great. Everyone at Intellect is very helpful and great to work with.

Lori Garza

Quality Assurance Analyst / Infinite Electronics

“By using the tools in the Intellect eQMS, a company can make compliance to standards easier and more complete. Their employees will embrace the QMS system and will find it easier and less frustrating to do their day-to-day jobs.”

Michele Hoppenrath

Quality Management Consultant/ Certified auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and Process Safety Management

“I love this platform. I love every aspect of it. I love the logic behind it. I love designing within it. Earlier this week, we had our ISO 9001 audit (we passed), and our auditor was thoroughly impressed with the platform and what we’ve done with it.”

Pete Bernard

Quality Assurance & EHS/Production & Operations Manager/ Diakont Advanced Technologies

"Highly configurable - easy to build and deploy custom applications for a wide range of business needs. A powerful workflow platform to get approvals, and access to key quality records company-wide."

John Silk

Director of Quality & Reliability/ Global Power Technologies Group

"We are very happy with being able to develop custom applications that fit our business requirements without needing programming experience. We have developed applications for web and mobile device use, as well as tweaking the out-of-the-box applications to best suit our needs. Training and support services are top notch."

Vicki Urbanowski

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance / Ion Geophysical

We use intellect for multiple companies. What I love about this software is that we can design the platform to the business needs which compare to most platforms there isn't a lot of control. We have complete control on the configurations. we use the Intellect in so many different ways across the company every department. If you are looking for completed robust experience intellect can offer many different solutions

Mike Anderson

IT Manager / Birch Gold Group

The workflow. It is easy to create and to follow. You can use it for anything! I like everything about Intellect. It is easy to work with. Nothing negative. At ASH we have different usages for Intellect. We are using it to solve problems from work order tracking to Human Resources temporary employees to quality. In total, we have built about 30 apps on Intellect.

John Smith

Director of Marketing / Hubspot

"We are still in the development phase, but so far this software looks like it holds great promise. The pros of this software include ease of customization, ability to develop a friendly and functional custom user interface to support your business process requirements. Overall, this system is a consolidated environment accessible to all locations for management of business processes.

Rod Rawls

Senior Business Analyst/ Infinite Electronics

Intellect has a lot of good features and operation seems very intuitive. It is good value for the money. We are very happy with using Intellect for document control. We are able to manage the voluminous amount of documents that are needed to run our business in a compliant manner.

Ann Holden

VP - Regulatory Affairs / Standard Process

"The best thing about Intellect eQMS is the flexibility the program offers. They provided a baseline for me to build from and adapt to our current quality processes without having to repeatedly validate the software."

Alice Choi

Quality Manager/ Biologica Technologies

Intellect is very flexible and can be customized to the exact needs of the business process. The software is very end-user friendly and easy to use. Used for managing a $2B construction project, specifically for construction management, risk management, permit management, safety, compliance and contract management.

Ed Hamm

Document Control Manager / Jacobs Engineering