describe the image  Innovate with Interneer, Romeo Elias, President and CEO, Interneer 
 describe the image  Innovate, Iterate and Accelerate Growth with Lean Methodologies - Patrick Vlaskovits, New York Best Selling Author
 describe the image  Innovate, Iterate and Accelerate Growth with Lean Methodologies - Ben  Blank,  Innovation Leader, Intuit.
 describe the image  Enabling the Mobile Enterprise Revolution - Peter Hargittay, Chief Marketing Officer & VP of Business Development, Interneer
 describe the image  Interneer Product Roadmap: What's New and What's Coming - Selim Ozyel, Director of Engineering, Interneer 
 describe the image  Interneer BPM Architecture Details and Intellect MobileApps - David Mines, Chief Architect, Interneer
 describe the image  Customer Support Update - Lenin Martinez - Head of Customer Support, Interneer
 describe the image  Partner with Professional Services for Success and Configuration Best Practices - Erika Fahey, Director of Professional  Services,  Interneer  

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