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Empowering IT Departments


Innovation is the key to the success of any technology company, from a start-up to a Fortune 500 leader. Time and resources are fundamental to innovation, and PaaS can help you quickly develop Smart Enterprise Apps. Quickly automate and streamline your unique needs and gain insight into your business with custom reporting to make better, faster decisions to help you accelerate revenue growth.

With Intellect, technology professionals can create, run and manage an entire work management platform using dynamic workflows without any coding knowledge. We provide no programming software so you can spend your time and focus on the job at hand. With our easy drag and drop software you can:
  • Manage innovations and pitches to future clients to ensure finances flow smoothly.
  • Set up and track processes for new employees, budget approvals, sales contracts, and task management.
  • Create performance reports to streamline the results of testing and performance checks.
  • Access and amend documents instantaneously, keeping up to date with your health and safety and compliance requirements.
  • Integrate with Intellect’s Smart MobileApps to manage and review progress on the go, even in the field – when testing your latest technology.

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The Intellect Platform

An award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Turn to Intellect to ensure each sale is a success.

Fast ROI

With Intellect, you don't need to be a business management genius. With our business friendly and no-programming environment, you can build and deploy Smart Enterprise Apps in no time.

Built For Mobile

Your organization is going mobile, and you need a solution built for a modern mobile world. Intellect allows you to build once and deploy everywhere, including as a native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

Modern enterprises want apps in the cloud or in a private cloud, and that's exactly what you get with the world's leading provider of Cloud business management. Being mobile in retail is crucial – you need to be where the customers are – and with our cloud you can take your business with you.

Speed up your processes

  • Customizable Dashboards - Create unlimited apps and control their visibility – design the app that will help you see the information you need in an instant – as fast as technology is changing
  • Smart Forms - Easily create smart forms for web and mobile apps, which can include invoicing and tracking of funding
  • Interactive Workflow – assign your most talented professionals to your most important projects
  • Integrate with other Apps - Leverage legacy enterprise applications
  • Mobile Apps Accessible on iOS and Android Devices - Give access to your team on any mobile device – see the results from other projects in an instance and allow instant response in all parts of the design and sales process
  • Design Reports that Matter - Build custom reports, such as performance targets, to make smarter and faster decisions that will aid innovation.


Increase Productivity

  • Design custom, dynamic budget reports to gain real-time insights into your funding
  • Discover process issues, bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are stalling development
  • Collaborate with employees and partners while on the go – communication will lead to faster to development and greater profitability
  • Approve completed assignments anytime, on any device – keeping progress moving!