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Hosted Project Management Software

Your Project. Your Process.

Square Peg. Round Hole. Sound Familiar?

If your business has a recipe for executing outstanding projects, that’s something you don’t want to mess with. Yet, most off-the-shelf Project Management tools require you to build every single project plan from scratch – to their specifications, not yours. These systems are hard to launch, harder to learn, and near impossible to master. And even after your plan is complete, you still have to do the legwork to make sure tasks actually get done.

Intellect offers a better way.

Better Project Management Through BPM

What if the perfect tool for delivering pain-free completion of your projects isn’t an off-the-shelf Project Management software at all?

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With Intellect Business Process Management software, you get a solution that is…

  • SimpleWith Intellect, there’s no need to master complicated Gantt charts and advanced skill sets. All you have to do is build a master template one time with a few drags and drops. Then you just plug in specific data for each project and get to work.  
  • FlexibleMany standard Project Management tools force people to pigeonhole successful existing processes into inflexible software structures. Intellect lets you tweak the tool and the plan it helps you create to match the needs of your project, rather than the other way around. And whenever you need to make a change, you can take care of it with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Actionable The moment you enter data into a project workflow, the software automatically assigns tasks to relevant people. Everyone will immediately know what they have to do by when. Notifications of any changes that come up happen immediately. As for owners, executives, and managers, you get full, real time visibility of which tasks are happening on-track and which are falling through the cracks so you can use the system to solve problems and make adjustments. 

Intellect might NOT be for you if…

  • Every one of your projects is completely unique – Intellect is designed for companies that use a repeatable process for their projects.
  • You love Gantt charts – Intellect has eliminated complex off-the-shelf features found in many big ticket solutions.
  • Out-of-the-box is what you’re looking for – Intellect requires drag-and-drop configuration to ensure your project management solution matches your project process requirements.


When deciding on Project Management software, don’t cause yourself more headaches than you’ve already got. Intellect lets you plan, execute, and adjust all from one place. 


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Intellect includes…



    • Workflow Technology

Apply a repeatable workflow to your projects     

    • Project Portfolio Management

View how people, resources, and performance are
doing across all projects

    • Product Lifecycle Management

Project management applied to the life of a product
design from initial concept to launch (and beyond)

    • Executive Project Management  

Simplified project management that provides a high level
view of a project and assigned tasks

    • Change Management 

Manage the process of making changes to a project

    • Document Management 

Attach and store documents

    • Requirements Management 

Track and describe which requirements are going
into which project

    • Complex Resource Management  

Determine which resources are available for which project in environments that contain unique, unusual, and/or inconsistent situations



To learn more about Intellect see our Resources Page 

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