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Human resources management & software to streamline HR processes


The management of a workforce is the most complex aspect of any business.  It involves knowledge of legislation, health and safety, compliance – as well as understanding human beings and their motivations. With our digital management software, you can report and record data more effectively, in a fraction of the time, spending more time dealing with people instead of paperwork.
With Intellect, human resources professionals can create, run and manage an entire business process without any coding knowledge. We provide ‘no-programming’ software so you can spend your time and focus on the job at hand - you can easily configure apps to manage your human resources department from appointment to termination. With our simple drag and drop software you can:
  • Manage onboarding more efficiently, bringing new colleagues up to speed quickly.
  • Create bespoke reporting templates that help your human resources team deal with grievance efficiently.
  • Access and amend documents instantaneously, keeping colleagues up to date with potential conflicts of interest and proffering possible solutions.
  • Easily manage state and Federal compliance.
  • Integrate with Intellect’s Smart MobileApps to manage and review pay requests, transfer request and maintain employee records, all whilst on the move.

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The Intellect Platform

Intellects Accelerate Platform is an award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Your HR team can be connected at all times. Turn to Intellect to ensure you get to be where you are needed - fast.

Fast ROI

With Intellect, you don’t need to be a business management genius. Your human resources team will be able to build apps that bring a return on investment through efficiencies in workflow.

Built For Mobile

Human Resource professionals need to be mobile. They need to go to the workforce and meet with people who need reassurance or training for their potential to be maximized. So, you need a solution built for a modern mobile world. Intellect allows you to build once and deploy everywhere, including as a native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

The records of your professionals need to be stored securely. Intellect has partnered with AWS, the world’s leading provider of cloud business management, so you can be sure of a secure and private cloud. Each app with be updated instantly from the cloud, meaning no additional work for your IT teams.
Human Resources Management & Software

Speed up your processes

  • Customizable Dashboards - create unlimited apps and control their visibility – allowing information to be available only to the professionals that require access.
  • Smart Forms - easily create smart forms to help deal with grievances quickly and efficiently
  • Interactive Workflow – allocate performance reviews to your human resource team
  • Integrate with other Apps - leverage legacy human resources enterprise applications
  • Mobile Apps Accessible on iOS and Android Devices - give access to your team on any mobile device
  • Design Reports that Matter - build custom reports, helping you process performance reviews and pay increase requests simply and efficiently.




Increase Productivity

  • Design custom, dynamic budget and sales reports to see how your professionals are performing, updating employee records
  • Discover process issues, bottlenecks and inefficiencies that prevent fast onboarding and the workforce from working to their full potential
  • Collaborate with colleagues and ensure that costs are controlled by eliminating the need to enter data on multiple systems.
  • Approve completed assignments anytime, on any device – ensuring that all actions are consistent and fair.