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Intellect on-premise

Your Business. Your Process. Our Solution

Intellect On-Premise is the Business Process Management software specifically designed for mid-sized organizations and departments in large enterprises that need an easy way to manage the full scope of their operations while maintaining control of their IT and data security.

Your Entire Business On One Screen

Whether you’re an executive assigning responsibilities, an employee signing off on completed tasks, or a manager ensuring adherence and compliance, you can do it all from the unified Intellect On-Premise Dashboard

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This is Business Process Management

Our Business Process Management software keeps a company’s behind-the-scenes activities working together in harmony. It prevents businesses from dropping the ball, misplacing documents, and skipping all-important steps.

How? By plugging every one of your people-based processes into a simple, interconnected system that you control. Maybe it’s replacing your mountain of paperwork with web forms…streamlining your invoicing…or ensuring compliance throughout your entire organization… No matter what you’re struggling with, our software lets you do it faster, easier, and cost effectively.

Until recently, Business Process Management technology was used solely by massive corporate enterprises. But thanks to Intellect On-Premise, it’s now available for mid-sized and small companies that are looking to run their day-to-day operations stress-free.


Intellect-On Premise also includes

  • Email Generation
  • Report Generation
  • Customizable Executive Dashboards
  • Business Calculation Engine
  • Auto Run Events on Scheduler
  • Customer/Vendor Facing Views
  • Sequenced, Parallel and Conditional Workflow Structures
  • LDAP/AD Integration

Intellect On-Premise Fully Automates

  • Database Provisioning and Management
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Escalations and Notification


It's in your hands

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Just because you’re looking to radically streamline the management of your operations doesn’t mean you have to give up control.

Your data, your procedures, and your workflows belong to you. We make sure it stays that way.


  • Agile and Intuitive

Intellect On-Premise’s easy access interface makes it a snap for your IT staff to get the software up and running on your network in no time. Once it’s live, anyone at your company can use it to build, manage, or change workflows without having to write a single line of code.

  • Drag, Drop, and Go

Build any workflow you need by dragging and dropping. No technical background required. Remarkably simple to learn. The system is entirely template-based, so you can create your workflow process just one time and then use it indefinitely. When you process changes, just change your template.

  • All-in-One Business Engine

Capture data directly in the system and let the platform create your database on the fly. Build forms with just a few clicks and then immediately put them into use.

  • A Total View

Real-time reporting and Business Intelligence features give minute-to-minute insight into what’s working in your business and what’s not. Responsiveness and flexibility allow necessary changes on a moment’s notice.

  • System Integration

Easily integrates with local databases and third-party systems. Model, launch, and make changes in real time without programming.

  • Document Integration

Store, manage, and track documents directly in the system. Not only is it efficient, it’s green.

  • Security and Permission Based Access

You decide which people, positions, and groups can see and do what, when, and under which conditions.


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