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Financial management made simple with our award winning budget software platform

Financial regulatory agencies are far more aggressive now and pursue inspections and audits with greater frequency.  Federal agencies, in the wake of well-publicized financial malpractice, are hiring more inspectors and offering tougher inspection criteria.  Intellect’s Accelerate Platform is your vital tool in achieving efficient and consistent tracking and reporting.  With Intellect, your finance department can create, run and manage your business processes without any coding knowledge.  We provide ‘no-programming’ software, so you can spend time and focus on the job at hand.  With our easy drag and drop software, you can:
  • Manage financial data in real time to ensure you comply with regulations and best practice.
  • Create bespoke reporting templates to help report to all financial agencies.
  • Intellect meets the requirements of FINRA, SEC, and Sarbanes Oxley reporting.
  • Access and amend documents instantaneously, keeping colleagues up to date in real time on the status of accounts and cash flow.
  • Integrate with Intellect’s Smart MobileApps to manage and review progress on the go, giving access to important financial details no matter where you are.

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The Intellect Platform

Intellect’s Accelerate is an award winning platform that offers the industry’s most intuitive solution for connecting apps, people and processes. Trust Intellect to ensure you have the security of the best app platform for your financial team.

Fast ROI

Efficient management of finances with Intellect means that you can enjoy a rapid return on investment. With our business friendly and no-programming environment, you can quickly build and deploy Smart Enterprise Apps that deliver real value to your business.

Built For Mobile

Your finance department will need the benefits of a mobile enterprise. With the need for instant access to important data, Intellect’s solution for a modern mobile world will help you deploy everywhere. You can even deploy as a native mobile app with offline capabilities.

Instantaneous Updates

Finance departments need mobile apps in a private cloud. With data protection regulation and legislation, turn to the security of the world’s leading provider of cloud business management.

Speed up your processes

  • Customizable Dashboards - create unlimited apps and control their visibility – keeping important data secure for some professionals, whilst others have access to only that which will facilitate their role.
  • Smart Forms - easily create smart forms for web and mobile apps, which will help you comply with the demands of greater financial transparency.
  • Interactive Workflow – allocate data entry roles and report building to your most appropriate financial professionals
  • Integrate with other Apps - leverage legacy financial enterprise applications
  • Mobile Apps Accessible on iOS and Android Devices – adapt to the needs of your financial team and the device they use
  • Design Reports that Matter - build custom reports, seeing the data represented in ways that are easy to analyse and interpret.


Increase Productivity 

  • Design custom, dynamic budget and sales reports to gain real-time insights.
  • Discover process issues, bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are preventing your finance department from performing at their most effective.
  • Collaborate with other departments while on the go – outstanding communication is at the heart of successful businesses.
  • Approve completed assignments anytime, on any device – keeping your professionals working towards the next target and the next financial report.